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  • How Can A Small Business Organize A Meeting For Clients?

    Many of the businesses which are start-ups are located in smaller buildings with lesser room where the space is almost fully equipped by the employees. When you are at the beginning of the business life cycle, you cannot afford to maintain an extravagant office premise with all the necessary facilities.

    However, the size of your business is irrelevant to the customer/ client as they want to be taken serious and they want the dealing to be highly professional. So, if you just invite them to a messy office with cramped employees wearing casual outfits, the client might feel offended and you might lose business.

    Therefore, when organizing a meeting with a client follow the below advice.


    If you search for places for business meetings, chances are that you might come across many venues with a lot of business-friendly facilities but with a higher cost. Your ideal location would be small conference venues. They do not have many business facilities, but provide the space with or without food. Choosing such a location can give you exactly what you are looking for, at an affordable cost for a start-up like yours.

    Evaluate the client

    Some clients are larger companies who are used to being treated professionally and some companies can be smaller scale start-ups like yours. If you are handling a large scale client who is bound to bring in a bigger chunk of profits, then go for a lucrative place with ample facilities and classy food.

    However, if you are dealing with a smaller scale client who does not have as much of a spending power, then, you could stick to an economic place according to your budget.

    The most important thing to remember at this stage is to think of the scale of the project and the amount of cash flow/ profits that it can bring you. According to that, decide on the location.

    Alternative locations

    If you were still unable to find a location which meets your needs financially and otherwise, check for hotels which are equipped with private function rooms Melbourne. These can be adjusted to the seating requirement and a choice of finger food. They might not have many facilities such as presentation screens, projectors, stationary boxes; they still might be able to provide you with an atmosphere suitable for your requirement to close your business.

    Meeting Preparation

    However, elegant your location is what you present at the meeting holds the most importance. So, prepare the staffs who are attending to the meeting several days before the actual meeting to avoid any unwanted situations. Prepare yourself for the possible questions the client might ask you and also be prepared for a few rounds of financial negotiations. Preparation is a golden key to success.