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  • How To Unclog The Sink

    It is easier to install expensive washrooms, square undermount sinks and other accessories in toilet or kitchen. But even more important is how to maintain things especially when the sink or drainage pipe get blocked or clog. There are some acids and formulas available in the market which can solve the purpose quite easily. Has anyone seen that situation when the water drains slowly from the sinks? That situation is called slow draining bathroom sink, which is annoying and horrible at the same time. Almost everyone has faced once in his/her life this situation. And this is quite common many of us have had this problem once in a lifetime.

    Whenever we wash our face, or brush our teeth and suddenly the sink simply fills up with ample of water because the drainage system doesn’t work properly anymore, hence this problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise the overall material of the sink disturbs, creates bad smell and destroys the overall ambiance of the washroom. Anyways this is something which can be easily fixed by the homeowner himself/herself. Here is the deal it is sometimes really important to get under the car and sometimes under the sink (one can solve so many problems). Cleaning the p-trap and pop up drainage is the most important aspect in solving the drainage problem. So the first thing is to get the gloves and wear them get the basic toolbox and get under the sink and take a closer look at the plumbing that is below the bathroom/kitchen sink. If one give it a nicer and clear look, a letter P can be found not like written somewhere will be like a pipe shaped ‘P’ hence the name is P-trap, this is the place where there is all the blockages (majority of the time) lot of hairs and other dirt. It gets stuck there and blocks the pipes.

    It’s pretty easy to clean the drain p-trap and keep things moving. for this we must need a wrench or pliers in order to loosen the locked pipes. It is important to get the bucket (small one which can fit in that small space) if the bucket is not there try to find some plastic pot and place it just below the pipe before opening. Because once the pipe is open a lot of dirt comes out of that pipe (for which plastic pot or bucket is required). Try to bear the sewer smell and unclog everything inside it, and clear the p-trap so that the water may keep moving in the drainage system. Next time when you see the cluttered water in the sink try to eliminate the dirt beneath the sink and keep the show running.